So this is a bit random,  and I partly hold my friend Linda responsible.   After she sent me the link to –  Bob Sinclar – Love Generation – it got me thinking about bicycle related tunes.   According to Wikipedia there about 70 bicycle related tunes – I am gradually working my through them – and oh my word there is some rubbish (in my opinion) and some I just can’t figure out any link to bicycles at all so I have dismissed a lot and am left with this random selection (still to be finished) – make of it what you want.

She Rides – Evalyn Parry

Rockin Bicycle – Fats Domino

Bike Rider – Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Pupajim

Bicycle – Hey Ocean

Bicycle Race – Queen

The Bicycle Song – David Rovics

The Bike Song – Mark Ronson & The Business International

Bicycle Ridn – Rune Meyer

Handlebars – Flobots