About Me

Hi – I’m Lucy and welcome to my blog.

I’m a 44 and a bit cyclist,  runner,  hill walker, skier,  attempting to be a swimmer and a very occasional climber – basically jack of all trades master of none – I just love being outdoors and,  especially,  love the freedom my bike gives me to travel.

My first cycle tour was in Canada about 12 years ago – prior to this I’d done lots of day trips but never any consecutive days and I’d never used panniers before – I didn’t even have a trial run – in hindsight I think I was nervous that if I had a trial run I might doubt myself and not go ahead with the trip – but to Canada I went and cycled from just North of Toronto in Ontario,  heading North East to Ottawa,  Montreal,  Quebec City before heading South through New Brunswick and finally ending up in Nova Scotia 9 weeks and approx 3000 miles later – and I loved it – I had the cycle tour bug.

Since then I’ve done lots of shorter trips – Falkirk to The Orkney’s and back;  John O`Groats to Lands End;  Stirling to Stornoway on the Western Isles so that I could run the Callanish Stones Marathon (as you do) to name but a few and one biggie from Stirling to the Dolomite’s in Italy!

So next year is going to be my next biggie – Trans-America – so watch this space and I will try and keep you all updated.   Hope you all enjoy.   Lucy.