Back On My Own Doorstep

I’ve been home for just over 3 weeks and already my wee adventure seems like a distant memory – a very good memory though and there will be more adventures to come.

I could have happily carried on cycling but it’s great to come back and catch up with friends and family but not so sure about the going to work bit or the hoovering and polishing at home – there is something to be said about rolling up your tent and sleeping bag every morning and not having to think about any housework – only one pan to wash;  no ironing (except I never iron anyway); no toilet to clean,  etc,  etc.

Since coming back I’ve not strayed very far from home but it’s been good to revisit stuff that is on your doorstep and to discover stuff you didn’t even know was there!

So a mix of cycling and a very short uphill run took me up Abbey Craig which has the Wallace Monument perched on top of it – it’s been long time since I’ve been here which is a shame as it’s only a few miles from the house – and I got to see the new carvings which have only been in place for a couple of months.


The Wallace Monument,  Abbey Craig,  Stirling

Two weeks ago I went running with Katie – a good 5.5 miles with lots of chat and catching up – some of the route I knew but Katie introduced me to a path I didn’t know existed and passed an old lime kiln which I didn’t know was there either so we had a good explore around that – it’s funny that you can go on holiday and explore other countries and can forget or miss what is right on your doorstep.   We also found an old house which must have been beautiful in it’s day but now sadly very neglected – by the time we had finished our run we had both decided how we could return the house and stables back to it’s former glory – we are just short of the hundreds and thousands of pounds needed to buy and restore so someone else will have to do it (hopefully).


The Lime Kiln


Gartur House – needing a lot of loving and attention

So this weekend past I went for a bike ride on Friday – a 30 mile loop I’ve done many times before but took a few wee off shoots to do some exploring,  including having a look at Clackmannan tower – somewhere I’ve passed by many times but never got round to having a proper look which I should be reprimanded for because it’s more than worth having a look.


The Kincardine Bridge,  Clackmannan Parish Church (in the distance) and Clackmannan Tower

On the Saturday I cycled the 11 miles to Falkirk;  ran the Parkrun and cycled back home again.   The Parkrun takes place in Callander Park Falkirk,  and starts and ends at the very grand Callander House.


Callendar House,  Falkirk

And yesterday,  for the 2nd time since coming home,  I went up my wee hill – Dumyat.


Logie Kirk (at the foot of Dumyat),  views from the top and some plant life in between

And finally this wee witch didn’t need a car (or broom) to get to the Halloween party – I did swap my witches hat for my helmet and stick a jacket on before heading off though.



One thought on “Back On My Own Doorstep

  1. Maggie Bush

    Still love reading your blogs Lucy! And what amazing photos! Bear reminds me of our Canadian holiday this year. But all fabulous! When will your book be written …
    You’re so inspirational! Xx


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