Sun, Sea and Wind

I’ve now left the Oregon Coast – the beaches were huge,  wild and beautiful – weather varied from hot and sunny to bitterly cold,  depending on the wind and the harr blowing in.IMG_5285

Managed to tick off all my lighthouses – it made my journey a lot harder,  especially heading north into the wind but worth it – all the other cyclists with sense were heading South along the coast.

Big,  big thumbs up to Oregon State Parks hiker / biker campgrounds – stayed  in 4 so far – only $5 or $6 dollars a night – stunning locations,  good hot showers and the last 2 had places to charge your phone at no extra cost – also a great way to meet other bikers and hikers.

The Wheatland Ferry – me and Bertie wanted a wee rest and this wee ferry sounded cool – and it was.IMG_5366

Now I’ve left the coast seeing lots of fruit,  veg and crops being grown – huge fields of pumpkins,  courgettes,  hazel nut trees,  vines,  corn and lots of other stuff.

Meets lots of super folks and getting lots of pointers,  advice and encouragement.   Thank you to the lady who gave me the free banana when I stopped to buy cherries,  the lady who stopped to give me a bottle of ice cold water and some cheesy straws and huge huge thank you to Ryan,  his Mom and Dad and his 2 kids and better not forget Tucker the chocolate lab,  who let me camp in their garden,  fed me on pizza and then freshly cooked blueberry pancakes for breakfast and gave me a musical send off again.

Buy for now.  xx



Gave my binoculars away to a really nice guy and his kids at the campsite this morning – I was just carrying to much and know they went to a good home.

A Wee Update – I’m Still Here.


Friday – arrived by bus in Coos Bay,  where I started putting Bertie back together. Couldn’t get pedals off to put them the right way round! Rescued by Mang the Barber (originally from Vietnam) who shut up shop and drove me, Bertie and all my belongings to Moe’s bike shop in North Bend where the pedals were put back on a lots of other wee, but important tweaks done while we talked about The Tour and Danny Macaskill amongst other things. Thank you to everyone one got me on the road.

Finally on the road. Had a bit of a wobble when I nearly ran over a bit of bungee cord that looked like a snake – then I really wobbled big style when the next bit of bungee cord really was a snake and slithered out of the way just in time! Third and even big wobble was when I nearly lost control going downhill – think I’m overloaded but made it to the campsite at Florals Lake in one piece.

Saturday – carried down South to my official starting point:  Cape Blanco Lighthouse – from there headed North to Sunset Bay, where there was no sunset as the harr had come in but prior to this great views and scenery. Meeting lots of nice folks including a French couple on this cracking bike –

Sunday  – I knew the weather would be hugely variable at the coast but didn’t expect the wind to be strong,  seriously hard work heading north,  which is why all the other cyclists I’ve met are heading south!

Now seen  4 lighthouses!! Stayed at Jessie M Honeyman State Park – the State Parks only charge $5 for the hiker/bikers staying – had passed a couple of campsites ran by The Fisheries and Agriculture but they wanted $22 left in a box and felt kind of lonely so glad I carried on and camped with a group of other cyclists (who were all heading South!)

Monday – good long flat stretch with no wind followed by lots of hills and lots of wind – had to push bike for a wee stretch as just too windy.  Currently full of late lunch pizza and about to carry on and find a campsite for the night.

I’ll try and add some more pictures later.

I’ve Arrived

Not much to see as I flew in and out of Iceland – driech and drizzly so no views. However woke up in time to get some amazing views before and over Greenland. Didn’t manage to get any pictures of the big icebergs I saw but the patterns in the ice-flows were amazing.

So 2 taxis and 2 planes today and I finally arrive in Portland – Bertie’s box seems to be intact so hopefully all is well inside – we will find out tomorrow.

The Final Count Down – 2 Weeks To Go

Two weeks today, all going well, myself and Bertie will have landed in Oregon – fingers crossed that the baggage handlers will look after Bertie. So I have been planning this trip for the last 18 months – planning in the loosest sense of the word – planning that has turned into frantic disorganisation – but will all work out in the end – I’ve got the plane tickets, Bertie the Bike, my passport, lots of maps and a change of pants – what else do I need?

I’ve had Bertie for nearly 2 years and love him, except for his back brake – without a doubt the back brake works but, despite trying a number of different brake pads, he screeches like nobodies business. So Doctor Nige has been on the case and we decided to replace the breaks and discs altogether – last night Bertie was still screeching!

So with all the last minute frantic organising I’ve had very little exercise over the last few weeks – and because I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer I’ve been eating like a wee piggie – just as well I’m about to go on a big bike tour.

We’ve been having a wee test on something called BubblerGPS – an app on the phone that is going to track my route across America – testing seems to have gone to plan – I just need to remember to switch it on and hopefully keep my phone charged! Once I set off you should be able to click on the “Where Am I Now” at the top of my blog too see my map.

So it’s not been all planning I have managed to get a few wee runs in and one big bike ride at the beginning of June – the bike ride was great – 81 miles from Glen Etive back home to Stirling – except for the falling asleep bit – something I wouldn’t recommend while on the bike! Big hill walk on the Sunday – Nige’s last Munro, followed by celebratory grub and drinks – it wasn’t an overly late night but I was tired the following day – lovely bike ride out of Glen Etive to join the main road – by the time I got to The Green Welly Shop though I was flagging – a wee bite to eat and drink while sitting in the sun should have done the trick – but a number of re-fuelling stops later and I was still flagging – nothing seemed to be hitting the spot – I was actually falling asleep at handlebars, veering into the middle of the road and back, narrowly missing the kerb as I veered back to the edge of the road – I was a danger to myself and other road users – just in time, and before any accidents ensued, the sun came out and there was a nice patch of grass at the side of the road – perfect for a wee snooze – no idea how long I slept for but feeling rejuvenated I enjoyed the rest of the bike ride home.

Camping, hunting and shooting – 3 words that I wouldn’t normally put together – but checking out Campgrounds in America it seems that the 3 often do go together! Not sure how much protection my tiny wee tent will give if someone accidentally sets their gun off in the middle of the night? Assuming I don’t get eaten by bears or shot in the middle of the night I will try and keep posting here – enjoy folks.