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March – Lights, Loos and a Hellicopter

A few days to go yet but March has been a quick months – lots of running and biking though and another weeks skiing in the French Alps.

Glad of the longer days but must get bike lights sorted though – was asked to work overtime a few weeks ago – not a problem as I was there anyway and the money will come in handy but then remembered I didn’t have my front light and it was well passed dark-oclock when I finished.   I cycled the 7 miles back home as fast as I could on the stretches that I could see,  hoping that cars would come along so their headlights would guide me on my way – when I struggled to see I slowed right down just in case I missed the road all together and / or went through one of the many large potholes.   BIG,  BIG note to self – ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE FRONT LIGHTS WITH ME!.   So the following week I was doing overtime again but made sure I head my front lights with me and that it was fully charged – fully charged it might have been but it decided to pack in and I had a repeat of Wednesday’s bike ride home – EVEN BIGGER NOTE – MAKE SURE LIGHTS ARE WORKING!

Running mostly going well except for the night I either ate too late and / or too much and / or too spicy before meeting up with Tal and Katie – by the time  I ran to the agreed meeting point at the train station my stomach decided it needed an emergency loo stop – luckily the ticket man took pity on me and let me through the barriers so I could run over the bridge to use the loos at the other side of the railway lines – all well now,  well for the next 2 miles when I had another emergency stop,  this time at The William Wallace Pub – this time thank you to the old boys at the bar who didn’t seem too bothered when a wee sweaty runner ran in looking for the loos – must go back for pint some time – this time all was definitely well and we carried on our way and I did another 7 miles with just one more stop – but this time to take photo of Stirling Castle in the mist and spot lights 20170307_205611

Had another great weeks skiing,  this time in Les 2 Alpes – the icing on the cake was the day we took the helicopter to l’Alpe d’Huez so that we could ski there – now we could have taken the bus but this would have been closer to a 3 hour return journey – €40 on the bus or €70 for a 4 minute helicopter ride each way – we all opted for the helicopter!   One chairlift first thing in the morning and a beautiful ski down to the snowy landing pad to wait in queue for our helicopter taxi – absolutely brilliant day out and I got front seat on the way back – the closest I will probably get to Heli-Skiing!

And a wee bit of America planning – looking for something to watch on TV that didn’t involve too much thinking I found Men In Black II and there is a lighthouse featured in it – looks like a cracking lighthouse – quick bit of research and discover that it is the “Fire Island Lighthouse” on Fire Island,  New York  which you can get to by ferry or by bridge from Long Island and looks like a good wee detour.    Click here for the Men In Black Lighthouse scene

I’ve also bought myself a Garmin cycle computer so hopefully I can log my route – cheers to Alan for the advice;  done some more route planning;  investigated insurance which is a complete nightmare – does anyone read all the small print??   Finally I’ve filled in my online ESTA (electronic system for travel authorisation) and am now waiting the 72 hours to know if me and Bertie are allowed to enter the USA – ridiculous form – tick yes or no to whether I have done anything illegal / got any terrorist connections etc etc – even if I did I wouldn’t be ticking the yes box??