Cycling, Running, the Duck Pond and a new Cycle Top

Easy but good 65 mile Round the Forth bike ride on Sunday – taking in the Kincardine Bridge,  Culross,  the Forth Road Bridge,  Hopetoun House,  Linlithgow,  the Kelpies and the last leg back home.

Rubbish run this morning in terms of speed – I think I left my get up and go in the pub last night – however great weather for it and took lots of pictures on route – I didn’t go much faster than these snails.

A wee walk to the pond this evening,  which is a hive of activity.   The cygnets are all present and correct;  the ducks have discovered a hole under the fence and are exploring the path rather than the pond;  Mummy (or Daddy) coot is getting a bit feisty with the baby coots,  which I think is there way of trying to make the babies more independent; I could only see one of the adult moor hens tonight – hopefully the babies are safe and well hiding in the rushes;  and finally the cows in the field next door have found a football to play with.

Finally some shopping – couldn’t resist this very girly cycle top – and a complete bargain at £8,  including postage.

More News and Tunes

The News – Stirling is having it’s first marathon next year.   Hadn’t planned on doing any marathons next year apart from Maine,  partly in an attempt to save some money,  partly to save my legs.   But how can I not do a marathon that’s right on my doorstep???   So that’s me signed up but better concentrate on Berlin first though.

Good 13 mile run yesterday,  ending with a wee detour to see the newly hatched cygnets – absolutely gorgeous – definitely not ugly ducklings.

And the tunes – link sent to me by my bestest buddy Linda – think this song and video has to be the theme tune to my big bike ride – cheers Linda.   Bob Sinclar – Love Generation



Awesome Fun

No running or cycling unless you include the wee bike ride to train station on Friday morning and a few brief attempts at trying to keep up with my nephew when he was running – however plenty of energy still used up last Friday and Saturday.

Friday we were at Landmark at Carrbridge – great fun on the roller coaster;  lots of screaming on the water slides and yes I think I swore a few times;  Ben was Tarzan on the high rope walk,  while I was a very wobbly Jane (and swore a few more times);  and we also saw a few red squirrels – a great day out.


Saturday saw us at the Zip Trek Park at Alvie Estate – I’d seen an advert to this just before Christmas last year and thought Ben would fancy going – he did – but along with his Mum (my sister) they decided that Auntie Lucy should a have shot too!!   Now heights don’t bother me – however parting company with the ground does and I was just a wee bit nervous.   With harness,  helmets and heavy duty gloves on and after a wee 20 minute walk to the start we were shown the ropes (pardon the pun) by Jungle John.   14 Zip Wires later,  and despite my nerves each time I stepped off a platform,  we made it back to base and it was ace fun – as we progressed, each wire got longer, steeper and faster – and got better and better.   Will definitely be doing it again in hopefully the not too distant future – as you can gather I loved my Christmas present – what am I getting next year?

So what’s the news??   I’ve had confirmation now that I can have extended leave from work next year – so no excuses now – me and Berty the Bike are definitely going to America.   And while I’ve been googling information and looking at more maps while listening to tunes of one my favourite singers I came across this video which I thought was pretty appropriate.