Busy, busy

Since I last posted I’ve had a great weeks skiing in Val d’Isere,  fuelled on cooked breakfasts and croissants in the morning,  post ski vin chaud,  3 coursed evening meals and plenty of wine.   Back home the plan is to eat healthier and get back on my bicycle – which lasted for one day – a good 35miles on the bike,  followed with a wee walk up my local hill,  Dumyat – and then floored with a head cold for the next few days and the only exercise I had was getting to work and back!

But normality has resumed – 39 miles on the bike on Sunday,  another 46 miles yesterday and wee bike ride and hill walk today,  followed by some serious googling and America trip planning.


Planning is getting interesting – I’ve only covered about 200 miles so far – and I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow account of the planned route as it is quite likely to alter to some degree or another as I find more interesting places to visit  – but I’m currently trying to figure out if it is feasible to have a days skiing at Mount Hood,  Oregon – that would be a few firsts – cycling and skiing in the same holiday,  skiing in America and skiing in the summer – from what I can gather though I think it may only be the black runs that are open – so do I pass on this one or is 2017 the year I conquer black runs??



Potentially could have been major catastrophe for Berty B and me today but someone somewhere was looking out for us.

Nipped into town today to buy a couple of birthday cards,  parking Berty at one of the cycle racks close to the shopping centre.   My quick pop into town probably stretched to a couple of hours and birthday card shopping also became dress trying on, buying of makeup and a pair of jeans amongst other things.

I returned to collect Berty,  put on my helmet and then realised that I had never chained him up.   It didn’t matter whether it was 2 minutes or 2 hours I was incredibly lucky that nobody had half-inched Berty and that he was safe and well.

Great Day For a Bike Ride

First proper bike ride of the year,  other than commuting to work and nipping to the shops,  and what a great day for it.   Blue skies,  great views – a slightly chilly wind but not bad enough to affect my fingers,  which is what normally stops me cycling so much over the winter months.   Just under 30 miles,  taking in Cambusbarron,  Gargunnock,  Thornhill and back to Stirling,  via Dobbies the garden centre where I accidentally bought a hare – Amos is now settling into his new home.   Here’s to more days like this.


As to my America trip I’ve done no further route planning,  other than confirming that Cape Blanco Lighthouse is the 2nd most westerly point in mainland America and is the most westerly lighthouse in mainland America and this is where I plan to start from.   What I have been doing is trying to figure out logistically and financially what is the best way to get to my start point – this is proving harder than planning my route across America.   So far I have whittled it down to 3 airports – 2 of which will involve a day of travelling by train and bus from the airport to a town called Bandon and a 28 mile bike ride in the wrong direction to Cape Blanco – or an airport called Arcata / Eureka which is considerably closer to my chosen start point but would involve a couple of extra days cycling to get to Cape Blanco and the flight is an additional £800 (based on this years prices) – that’s a lot of extra money which is disappointing as I like the idea of landing at an airport called Eureka!!